iGUARANTEE™ determined, after a review of existing software in the bail bond industry, that there was a great need for a new and current solution.

Current software solutions are cumbersome and require multiple subscriptions to operate at some level of efficiency. None of the existing offerings presented a robust process wherein powers of attorney can be easily transferred to MGAs or agents. There wasn’t a straight forward or a way to track issued bonds nor outstanding liability, or allowed for alerts of forfeitures in any automated means.  None of the existing applications offered a turn-key application process for consumers that included digital signing, credit card payment, and secure digital delivery of documents to Jail Houses and Court Houses. While some applications offer some reporting capabilities, they are hard to read and are often inaccurate due to re-keyed data requirements.

Lastly, no one in the industry is focusing on funneling in new business for Bail Agents nor facilitating a search for and submit applications for a bail bond online from any online device.

Key Differentiators

Ease of use via leading UI interface design

Accountability via accurate in App reports

Issue Instant powers Digitally from Carriers & MGAs

Power Lifecycle timestamped audits

Start, sign and pay and complete a bond online

Straightforward 3 step bond Application process

Rock solid SOC II Security

Excellent Customer Support

Agent lead generation system

Start automating your Bail Bond business today

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