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Real-time applications and issuance!

Create more business with less work!  No more re-keying, no more waiting for powers, or having to use multiple apps to perform your Bail Bonds Agency Business.

Simple Online ApplicationOur straightforward and UI enhanced 3 step online bail bond application can be accessed from any online device.
Life-cycle Power ManagementFull accountability and audit of all Powers allow for automated and secure at glance management.
Instant PowersInstant Powers allow your business the right inventory amount of powers at your disposal to write.
Automated ReportingOur reporting dashboard provides reports that generate automatically, or that you can run on demand.

Stop wasting time and money with manual entry and re-keying!

Let's Work Together

iGuarantee strives to create the latest and greatest technology offerings at the best value price points for Agencies. We regularly update our software every two weeks and release new upgrades and functionality monthly to empower your agency to sell better and more bonds every day.

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Basic Monthly Reports
Basic Monthly Reports YES YES YES
Power Life Cycle Audits
Power Life Cycle Audits YES YES YES
Instant Powers & Management
Instant Powers & Management YES YES YES
Enhanced Analytics
Enhanced Analytics - YES YES
Court and Defendant Tracking
Court and Defendant Tracking - YES YES
Billing and Reporting Platform
Billing and Reporting Platform - YES YES
Unlimited Background Checks
Unlimited Background Checks - - YES
Quickbooks Connectivity
Quickbooks Connectivity - - YES
Automated Required Reporting
Automated Required Reporting - - YES
Built-in Lead Generation System
Built-in Lead Generation System - - YES
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Palmetto Surety Agents Enjoy a $99/mo Credit on all Packages

* + $10 / Agent / Month

ie. Ten Agents would be an additional $100 a month plus your monthly access subscription fee.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our Agency Bail Bonds Platform.